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Coarse & Match Fishing Tackle

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The popularity of coarse fishing has grown exponentially over the years in the UK, and is now among the most popular of the various angling sports. Angling Direct stock a vast array of coarse fishing tackle, and have products for anglers of all abilities – from those anglers starting out in the sport to those most passionate. If you are planning a weekend of spinning, float fishing, or maybe you just want to sit by a lake to peacefully enjoy a day of fishing, we have something for everyone. 

In this section of the store you can find the best deals on coarse fishing rods and reels, poles, clothing, and all other accessories for coarse angling. In our new arrivals section of the site, you can see all the newest products hitting our shelves in order to stay ahead of the game. We have even constructed a series of exclusive packs on our store which offers great savings on a mix-and-match range of products, especially selected by our team of dedicated anglers to bring you the season’s best in coarse fishing tackle. This pack is updated with the changing seasons, so you can be sure the products it offers are going to improve your chances when fishing. 

We are proud to be a Maver Centre of Excellence for match fishing, which verifies our status as a superb supplier of coarse angling tackle. Not only this, but we are able to stock exclusive Maver products, unavailable to angling shops who have not been awarded membership in the Centre of Excellence scheme. This means that when you see Maver’s green crest next to one of the products on our store you know it’s just that little bit extra special, as it is only available in fifty tackle shops up and down the country. 

We stock a complete range of products from other major coarse tackle suppliers, including Guru, Preston and Drennan. As the UK’s leading Daiwa stockist, we can also offer exclusive deals on a number of products from the Daiwa fishing tackle portfolio, including Rods and Reels. 


Angling Direct has a huge product range, from the Clothing and Umbrella's that keeps you dry on the bank side to the tackle that does the job in the water. Bait is key to any coarse or match angler, and Angling Direct have a full selection of bait available, from exceptional brands such as Sonubaits, Sensas, Mainline, Dynamite, Enterprise, and many more. Whether you’re after pellets, boilies, groundbait, or pop-ups, we have something for you. We also have a full range of liquids and glugs so you can create dream flavour combinations to entice your quarry. Angling Direct has an ample range of terminal tackle including feeders, quickstops, and hooks to suit any angler and any baiting style. Having top quality terminal tackle is not only essential in making a catch, but it is also vital in a match to keep your catch on the end of your line.


Once you’ve successfully landed your fish you need to store it. We have a full selection of nets on our site, especially the much needed keepnet. These keepnets keep your catches safe until the end of your match, and as such are a vital part of match fishing. We have a range of keepnet reviews on our blog, from both external sources and our own team of anglers. We also understand that match anglers may have to carry a little extra tackle to the average pleasure angler, and our range of luggage and barrows accommodates those needs. 


Coarse fishing is a popular pastime in the UK as it is the practice of targeting rough fish, which are usually not desirable as food or game. It's typically done near freshwater rather than marine waters, and the target species are returned to their natural habitat instead of taking them for food like in game fishing.  On the other hand, match fishing refers to a type of fishing contest in which one angler fishes exclusively from a designated peg for the duration of the event. On this page, you will find tackle suited to both coarse and match angling which is required to be able to put up with the fast-paced nature of these disciplines. 

What Tackle Do I Need for Coarse and Match Fishing?

Anyone into coarse fishing, or freshwater fishing in general, knows that the right tackle is important for a successful day out on the bank, even more so if you are fishing in the more pressured conditions of a match. The first thing to consider is if you want to go with the rod, reel, and line set up or your fishing pole when targeting coarse species of fish. Anglers that indulge in playing for fish opt for the rod and reel, whereas those looking for a more fixed system will use a fishing pole that uses stretchy elastic inside the pole to control the action with the fish.

Coarse and match anglers also need good baiting methods to attract the fish, fast. That is why our coarse and match sections have plenty of bait, bait making equipment and baiting application options. You can also further assist the success of capture with the terminal tackle and fishing line you opt for. Baits are also heavily prepared for before a match and can be stored in a bait bucket or bait box, which are also found plentiful here at Angling Direct. Just like carp angling, fish care is a must too so look into your keepnets, scales and fishing tools. You also need to look after yourself with match angling which is where seatboxes, chairs and clothing come in! 

Match and coarse fishing brands get the option to be bolder with their branding and colour schemes, many sporting bright blues or orange. Great match and coarse brands that can be found at Angling Direct are Preston, Guru, Daiwa, Maver and Matrix (to name just a few). Middy, Advanta and Maver can offer cheaper options in tackle whereas angling brands such as Preston and Daiwa are more costly.

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