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Even the best anglers in the world still have a thing or two to learn, which is why there’s always a good excuse for picking up a quality fishing book. Whether you’re looking to increase your catch rate, pick up a few professional insights, or simply escape the real world for a while with an inspiring story of long-fought success, we’ve covered all bases.

Angling Direct’s library of fishing books has been assembled and approved by our expert team personally, in order to ensure that every last item would make a worthy addition to your collection. From factual guides to legends of the water and everything in-between, it’s the perfect way of gaining a little inspiration from the trials and tribulations of others. Some of the UK’s finest anglers have put pen to paper to tell their stories, and more often than not they’ll divulge more than a handful of tips at the same time! Top fisheries and top of the range brands alike all publish insights into the world of angling, so you can read up on the lake that contains your bucket-list fish or read up on what your favourite brand thinks about a manner of angling topics.

Delve into a wholly new area of angling or indulge your passion that little bit further with a guaranteed good read. And if you can’t find anything to suit your tastes right now, Angling Direct is constantly on the lookout for new titles to add to the collection you see here, so be sure to check back regularly to see what’s new.

Our excellent delivery service to the UK mainland means that if your order midweek that killer read you’ve been craving could be with you long before you set off on your weekend fishing trip – we’ll always do our best to get your books in your hands as quickly as possible. If nothing else, having a book to hand could keep you occupied whilst you are sat on your hands waiting for a fish to take.

We’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for across the pages of our website, but the Angling Direct service team is always standing by to answer your questions or offer a little impartial advice. From good reads to great rods and all else besides, Angling Direct has you covered, but if you have a recommendation for a great fishing read that you think we should stock on our shelves we’re happy to take all suggestions! We’re @AnglingDirect across all social media, so you can send us a message on Facebook, Tweet us, or get in contact via our customer service team.

From carp fishing to net casting, the right book can make all the difference in the world, especially on a dull day when the catches are slow (or non-existent)! So why don’t you expand your personal angling library by checking out ours – and with authors such as Ali Hamidi, Nick Helleur, and Rob Malin, as well as big name brands Korda and Nash, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes.

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