Korda Long Chuck Clear Tapered Mainline - Product Spotlight Review

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Korda Long Chuck Clear Tapered Mainline - Product Spotlight Review

Perfect for those carp anglers amongst us, the Korda Long Chuck Tapered Mainlines are designed for when you want to fish at distance without having to use a leader knot. This is essential to safely cast at range on waters that have banned the use of a leader.

The Long Chuck Tapered Mainline comes in 300m spools, and at each end of that, there is an 8m section of 0.47mm (30lb) diameter line designed to act as a shock leader, taking the force of the cast. 


Available in 3 different breaking strains:

  • 10lb-30lb, Diameter 0.27mm-0.47mm 

  • 12lb-30lb, Diameter 0.30mm-0.47mm 

  • 15lb-30lb, Diameter 0.33mm-0.47mm 


This also offers good abrasion resistance when playing a carp. After the 30lb section, the line tapers down to whichever diameter of mainline you have chosen. It is exactly the same at both ends, so should you experience a cut-off, you can simply reverse the line on your spool and use it again. These tapered leaders feature the same properties as the Long Chuck mainline. They are made with no added dye which makes them lighter, with less stretch.


Key Features of Korda Long Chuck Clear Tapered Mainline:

  • Clear mono line 

  • Designed specifically for fishing at long range 

  • Very low water absorption 

  • Ultra-low stretch 

  • 300m reversible spool with leader integrated leader on each end 


Check out the video from ADTV on this fishing mainline for an even closer look!


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