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Coarse fishing can be a very challenging but also rewarding experience. One of the most important aspects of coarse and match fishing is being able to detect when the fish are biting. A predecessor to the bite alarm, Bite indicators are exceptionally useful tools and should have a place in the tackle bag of even the most laid back angler. Where a bite alarm only lets you know when a fish is actually tugging on your hook, a bite indicator gives a much more subtle range of information about what is going on with your line under the surface of the water. 

What Do I Need From a Bite Indicator?

For many anglers, the choice between bite indicators comes down to aesthetics – in other words, how you want your set up to look on the bank. However, technically there is only one major difference between the different types of bite indicators, whether they are a bobbin or swinger. A swinger (sometimes referred to as a hanger) hand below the line. A bobbin bite indicator is fixed directly to the line itself. 

At Angling Direct, we stock bite indicators from Delkim, Korda, and Fox. Depending on your bobbin type and the features the indicators possess, you are looking at anything from £3 to £40. For some inspiration on which bite indicator to go for, why not check out our blog, which regularly reviews and spotlights our favourite new editions to the bite indicator world.

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