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What to consider when buying waders

When it comes to angling clothing, fishing waders and boots are among the most essential products in an angler’s wardrobe. We anglers spend all our time at the water’s edge, so it follows to reason that we might have to get our feet wet from time to time. With Angling Direct’s collection of waterproof fishing boots and waders for sale you don’t have to worry about taking the plunge; whether you’re after a pair of waist waders to slip over your trousers at a moment’s notice or you’re going to be stood chest deep and need some neoprene, rubber chest waders, Angling Direct will make sure you’re kept warm and dry.

We’ve put together a collection of footwear from the world’s leading manufacturers to make it as easy as possible for you to make the right choice. We stock dozens of lines covering every imaginable need, budget, and fishing style across the board, allowing you to take home the right tools at the right price – our collection of boots and waders for men really is extensive. Whether you’re looking for a simple pair of emergency wellington boots or the latest technological advances in breathable chest waders for your fly-fishing excursions, you’ll find the very best of the bunch right here under one roof.

Our range of footwear covers everything from trainers to heavy duty walking boots. All fishing shoes have been designed with anglers in mind, so all of it is suitable for standing on slippery banks or awkward terrain, and much of it is completely water resistant (please check product specifications prior to purchase). With the unpredictable weather, it is wise to have a backup pair of wading boots or warm fishing boots ideal for the UK climate. For those anglers who know they are going to be getting their feet wet, we also stock a range of waterproof fishing boots. However, these aren’t your bog standard garden boots. Our selection of wellington boots is all specially constructed for people who are going to be spending extended periods of time in wet conditions. As such, many of the boots have reinforced soles to give extra protection for those scenarios when it may not be possible to see what you are about to step on under the water. These soles are often studded or otherwise ridged to provide even more grip on slippery surfaces.

Our fishing waders have all been designed to hold their own underwater. From thigh-highs to chest waders, we’ll keep you dry no matter how deep you want to go. Waders are one of the most useful editions to an angler’s wardrobe and they can make the world of difference to your bankside success. Whether it is wading boots, waist waders, wading trousers or a whole wading suit, you can choose something waterproof to keep you dry when in the bank. The climate and conditions of Britain’s are not always the warmest and so many of the waist waders are suited to UK cooler waters with its wealth of insulation, likewise, there are many wading boots that are UK pertinent.

What is the best material for Waders?

Neoprene is a material most often used in the aquatic sports industry to make water-tight scuba suits, so you can be confident that a pair of neoprene chest waders will keep you warm and dry for hours whilst you’re stood in the water fly fishing. A pair of thigh waders could be the difference between a personal best capture and a devastating hookpull when your carp starts to kite towards a lethal snaggy patch in your syndicate water. Breathability is just as important as water-tightness and breathable chest waders are designed to keep you dry from the inside as well as from the out, which is perfect for the angler who wants to be prepared to take the plunge at any moment. For the angler who is simply going to be pulling up their neoprene waders for a quick dip, breathability might not be such an important factor and a pair of simple waist waders will more than get the job done.

Whether you are sea fishing, having to wade a short way into the brine to get the distance on your cast, or specimen fishing in Europe, getting ready to cuddle up to a huge wels-catfish, specialist gear is essential. This is why we are proud to have a huge collection of waders for men in our range, so, regardless of whether you’re looking for high performance breathable waders or a pair of thigh waders that act as an extension to your fishing boots, you’ll be able to find the perfect pair for you.

It takes a lot to earn the Angling Direct seal of approval, which is why our permanent collection of boots and waders for sale features an assortment of world-leading brands famed for superior performance. We’re proud to list footwear from wet weather experts Sundridge, cold-weather experts Skee-Tex, and performance textile experts Vass, and so many more – all of whom have earned our respect and trust over the years. If a product has made it to the Angling Direct collection, you can rest assured it has measured up to the mark in every conceivable way. 

What size waders should I get?

All products come complete with extensive manufacturers’ guarantees and our own seal of approval. If you need a pair of fishing shoes and are unsure of what size will best fit, you can find wading boots for sale as well as a wide range of men's fishing boots in our stores to try on. All the products we sell are supported by our excellent customer services team. The team are happy to assist at any stage of your order, and you can find all their contact details on their dedicated web page. Keep a close eye on our fishing tackle ranges to see what’s new, or check out our special offers from time to time for the biggest savings of all.

What are the best fishing waders?

There are three main wader variants; hip or thigh, waist and chest – no prizes for guessing what these refer to – nonetheless there are circumstances in which you would benefit from having a certain style of wader.

All waders on Angling Direct shelves are high-quality, but like any other tackle item, they all have their pros and cons.

Thigh Waders

Thigh waders – sometimes referred to as hip waders – are the smallest and shortest off all wader styles, as the name suggests they waterproof your body up to the thigh area and are best used in knee-height water.

Thigh waders are compiled of two separate pieces, one for each leg, a brace then secures the waders around your belt to hold them up.

Being the smallest of all waders, thigh waders are, naturally, the lightest of all waders and as a result the easiest to transport, they are also the most comfortable choice in warm weather.

Thigh waders are ideal for a situation where you are going to be in relatively shallow water, for example, when launching a boat or wading into the margins to net a fish.

Waist-High Waders

Waist waders are the closest style to conventional trousers, and feature belt loops to hold them up, just like your jeans. Waist-high waders are ideal for water up to mid-thigh depth, its always a good idea to over compensate for depth, leaving 6-8 inches of wader dry, decreasing the chance of you tipping your waders, a quick inundation of cold water will soon ruin your day, or at least make it uncomfortable.

The benefits of waist waders are obvious, they offer more protection than a set of thigh waders, but without being as constricting as chest waders. Being trouser-like in design they are also probably the most comfortable.

Chest Waders

Chest waders offer you the most protection, keeping you dry up to the midriff area, ideal when facing fast flowing water or unexpected waves.

Its also worth noting that wearing a wading belt with chest waders is advantageous in case you do manage to tip your waders, meaning worst case scenario your torso gets wet but your legs remain dry.

The one disadvantage to chest waders is it can get warm! During the summer months you wont want to be sweating it out in your waders all day, but the advantages of having almost full-body protection outweighs the one disadvantage – in the winter months it wont even be an issue.

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